Why Can’t Painting Just Be Painting



HarborArts Co-Director Rebecca V. has a guest post up on the highly regarded arts and philosophy blog Aesthetics For Birds, drawing inspiring conclusions regarding the possibilities of contemporary painting from a wide range of influences and experiences, including William Gibson, Sherri Irving, and painting shows recently on display at Boston’s ICA and NYC’s MOMA.  She writes:

“The fetishization of originality has not only lead to painting needing to be more than painting, but also to the disengagement of a broader audience with contemporary works of art. Pushing the boundaries for the sake of originality often results in pushing away a potentially interested and engaged public.”

Rebecca’s research into the prospects of the art experience and the institutions and social forces that shape it is an important element of HarborArts’ evolution towards an Public Art institution that protects and expands the power of art to serve and empower all communities.  Read more here.



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