• Shipyard Gallery

    Shipyard Gallery

    Transforming Boston's working waterfront into an outdoor exhibit of monumental art by artists from three continents.

  • about HarborArts

    about HarborArts

    We are a global community championing the vital role that our oceans, harbors, and waterways play in the future of our planet.

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Meet the staff and supporters behind HarborArts.

  • building the cod

    building the cod

    20,000 welds, 5,000 lbs of re-purposed steel, 40 feet long.

  • global gallery

    global gallery

    Pinpoints the location of artists around the world raising awareness for our waterways with their installations.

HarborArts Festival 2014 Banner

HarborArts Festival 2014

HarborArts Festival 2014 is the fourth annual anniversary celebration of the HarborArts Shipyard Gallery. The tradition continues every September with live music and DJ performances, local artists and artisans exhibiting and selling their work, street theatre, celebrated local food and beverages, mobile galleries, installations, and much more! 

support HarborArts

Help HarborArts:
  • Teach young children about the importance of preserving our water resources.

  • Bring attention to worthy clean-up projects that focus on our local rivers and back bays.

  • Highlight the campaigns of worldwide organizations that are winning victories for ocean conservation.

  • Showing what each of us can do to make a difference now...

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