1Maakye Schurer /Crow Beach
2 /Open Location
3Ralph Berger /Captured Flight & A Toy For Sisyphus
4David Chatowsky /Boston Clipper Ship
5Marisa DiPaola /Twin Octopi
6Robert Craig /Fiddler
7Kon Dimopoulous /Rothko's Chapel
8Louisa Conrad /Instress: Elegy
9Gary Duehr /Hazards of Modern Living
10Margaret Evangeline /French Flare Kite
11B. Amore /The Other Shore
12James Fuhrman /Sea Change - See Change
13Donald Gerola /Nirvana and Dr. Suess
14Gunnar Gundersen & Julia Jacoby /Thermal Tidal Sculpture
15Elizabeth Hack /Green Meets Wave Blue
16HarborArts Team /The Fish
17Robert Johansson /Inaugura
18Paul Howe /Kelp Meal Makes an Excellent Soil
19Matt Evald Johnson /Twist
20 /Open Location
21 /Open Location
22Carolyn Lewenberg /Boston Harbor Traffic Light
23Mark Millstein /Sailforms
24Caitlin Nesbit /Submersivity
25 /Open Location
26Trace O'Connor /Iscariot
27Mark Favermann /Zig Zag Benches
28Kimberly Radochia /Rip Rap
29Derek Riley /Celeste
30Karl Saliter /Apogee
31Paul Sargent /Untitled Seaway Studies

shipyard gallery


Set within the grounds and on the docks and barges of the historic Boston Harbor Shipyard and Marina, the gallery opened with a collection of thirty contemporary artworks by well known and emerging artists from three continents. The gallery is open to the public, free of charge.


3pm to Sunset

Sunrise to Sunset

1 Maakye Schurer /Crow Beach

"I Spend My Time Experimenting To Create Real-Time Magic Realism. Nothing Is Digitally Created Or Altered. All Works Are Hand-Made In Miniature With Various Techniques Ranging From Filming Under Water To The Use Of Reflection. The Primary Motivation Behind This Approach Is Two-Fold. First: A Deep Concern For The Environment And A Belief That Our Impact Will Not Truly Change Without Genuine Heartfelt Appreciation, As Opposed To Feelings Of Guilt And Blame. Second: A Theory That Viewers Afford Greater Value To That Which Has Been Preprocessed By Another Human Being Than Truth Alone. Hence, While The Works Are Firmly Rooted In The Here And Now, Scenes Are Constructed From Memory And The Imagination. In This Way, These Works Are Highly Dramatized Nature Documentaries, Featuring The Fluttering Husks Of Human Remnants."

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2 /Open Location

This Location is available for new proposals!

3 Ralph Berger /Captured Flight & A Toy For Sisyphus

Ralph Berger incorporates original, abstract designs into found metal objects ranging from old mill saw blades to ocean buoys. The metal sculptures are multifunctional, finding their way into gardens as well as home, business, hospital interiors.

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4 David Chatowsky /Boston Clipper Ship

“Everyone kept telling me ‘you have to do a clipper ship’ and I kept hearing about the Flying Cloud,” said Chatowsky, a Rhode Island native. “So I researched clipper ships and their history here in East Boston. I read about Donald McKay and his work and the importance of this ship the Flying Cloud.”

Read more about David Chatowsky

5 Marisa DiPaola /Twin Octopi

Marisa Di Paola was born barefoot & grew up in the cedar swamps of southern New Jersey. She graduated with honors from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2000, majoring in painting. She received a travel grant for independent study at La Mezquita, Cordoba, Spain, which began a collection of travels to 14 countries, producing site-specific artworks in Spain, Japan, and Iceland, and entire bodies of work at residencies in India and Egypt. At this point, Marisa is nomadic, surviving on little sleep and much wandering. She creates wearable site-specific sculptures, based on an autobiographical evolution of fairy tale characters.

Visit Marisa Di Paola's website

6 Robert Craig /Fiddler

Conrad is a New York and Vermont-based artist whose work spans multiple media: from photography, drawing, and installation, to performance and video. She draws upon anthropology, poetics, and environmental theory in order to decode and retell complex narratives of natural history, climate change and relationships to place.

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7 Kon Dimopoulous /Rothko's Chapel

Colour, line, form and repetition are critical elements of the sculpture of Konstantin Dimopoulos. Using linearity to define space, Dimopoulos’s sculptures create an uncluttered simplicity.

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8 Louisa Conrad /Instress: Elegy

Conrad is a New York and Vermont-based artist whose work spans multiple media: from photography, drawing, and installation, to performance and video. She draws upon anthropology, poetics, and environmental theory in order to decode and retell complex narratives of natural history, climate change and relationships to place.

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9 Gary Duehr /Hazards of Modern Living

Duehr is codirector of the Invisible Cities Group, which creates "large-scale urban detours" combining performance, poetry, and installations of visual art. He has written about the arts for journals including ArtScope, Art New England, Art on Paper, Communication Arts, Frieze, and Public Culture. Currently he manages Bromfield Gallery in Boston's South End.

Visit Gary Duehr's website

10 Margaret Evangeline /French Flare Kite

New York-based, Louisiana-born painter Margaret Evangeline has long experimented with aesthetically resistant material, making work that deepens the immediacy of a moment. Evangeline is perhaps best known for her use of gunshot and mirror polished stainless steel to open up the all-over 2D picture plane with its taproot in New American-Type Painting.

Visit Margaret Evangeline's website

11 B. Amore /The Other Shore

B. Amore is an artist, educator and writer who has spent her life between Italy and America.

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12 James Fuhrman /Sea Change - See Change

James Fuhrman is profoundly involved in creating spaces of still and quiet…in making places for personal reflection and contemplation …so that they ask him -and the viewer- to pause and listen to the quiet…so that we can begin to make sense of ourselves.

Visit James Fuhrman's website

13 Donald Gerola /Nirvana and Dr. Suess

Don's pieces range from intimate atrium accents to monumental monsters upward of 40 feet. The bigger ones move, prodded by breezes into gentle acrobatics, depending upon the size of the moving element.

Visit Donald Gerola's website

14 Gunnar Gundersen & Julia Jacoby /Thermal Tidal Sculpture

15 Elizabeth Hack /Green Meets Wave Blue

Elizabeth Hack lays down color and texture onto surfaces with a transfixed awareness that captures every detail of the hand, pen and palette knife. These “excavations” leave no stroke, line, or color unturned. The strong horizontal compositions of her “Wave Series” and corresponding series, “Wave: The Other Side” simultaneously evoke motion and stillness.

Visit Elizabeth Hack's website

16 HarborArts Team /The Fish

Our effort is global but our story begins here in the Boston Harbor with one man and a big fish; a forty-foot Cod.

Learn more about this project

17 Robert Johansson /Inaugura

Robert came all the way from Oslo, Norway to install a wooden relief, connects the 19th century scientific drawings of Ernst Haeckel with a composition referring to the structure of a cross section of the human eye. Wood burned jellyfish reliefs cut out of wood from an old barn span and climb 2 stories of a brick building. Johansson artistic practice encompasses myths, and how humans reflect themselves in relation to nature and animals. Using associative, illogical and alluring narratives, he primary works with drawing, pyrography, installation and sculpture.

Visit Robert Johansson's website.

18 Paul Howe /Kelp Meal Makes an Excellent Soil

19 Matt Evald Johnson /Twist

"The urban/industrial scene has always supplied me with subject, materials, processes and narrative. Whether the work is figurative or not - whether it is two or three dimensional, the physical undertakings during artmaking mirror the intended tone of the given piece. The idea not only determines but demands that the piece be what it must. My resources, within me and without, must change with the challenge of each new work or body of work. The limitations of my intellect, body and studio are to be constantly engaged thus assuring stimulation, growth and renewal in life as well as in art."

Learn more about Matt Evald Johnson

20 /Open Location

This location is available for new proposals!

21 /Open Location

This location is available for new proposals!

22 Carolyn Lewenberg /Boston Harbor Traffic Light

23 Mark Millstein /Sailforms

Mark Millstein is an artist and designer living in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He is a Professor in the Design Department at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where he teaches Digital Media and special projects in video, interactive media, digital photography and printmaking.

Visit Mark Millstein's website

24 Caitlin Nesbit /Submersivity

Caitlin Nesbit was born and raised on Cape Cod, where I began creating art at an early age; over the years, I’ve developed a passion for working with my hands which are often covered in clay or paint. After studying at both UMASS Amherst and UNM Albuquerque, she earned a BFA in Ceramics with a minor in Art History. she taught ceramics to high school students at the Falmouth Academy for two years, and she continues to teach workshops at several local art centers. During the summer, she works as a Ceramic Studio Manager at Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill. Currently, she lives in Boston and pursuing an MFA degree in Sculpture at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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25 /Open Location

This location is available for new proposals!

26 Trace O'Connor /Iscariot

The artist has exhibited her work in galleries and museums , done site-specific installations in museums, parks and communities, been awarded permanent public art projects and private commissions, and has received numerous national, state, and foundation grants and fellowships for her work.

Visit Trace O'Connor's website

27 Mark Favermann /Zig Zag Benches

Favermann Design is a non-traditional design firm with a unique combination of design professionals trained in different disciplines

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28 Kimberly Radochia /Rip Rap

Kim Radochia's work defies easy categorization. Her arts moves fluidly between large, site-specific outdoor sculpture, small intimate assemblages and room-size installations.

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29 Derek Riley /Celeste

30 Karl Saliter /Apogee

"When I am in the studio, I am not attempting to represent anything, or teach. My relationship to stones, and lines in bronze, had become somewhat reverential. These are considered my medium, but I seem myself more as serving them. "

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31 Paul Sargent /Untitled Seaway Studies

Paul Sargent's installation work has appeared all over the country.

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